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Nourish Intuitively 





"Talking about your diet, habits, and lifestyle can sometimes make people feel incredibly vulnerable.  However, Jessica’s nonjudgmental attitude and knowledgeable, research-based practices were evident in every appointment.  I appreciate that Jessica worked to thoroughly understand my problem, my lifestyle, my habits, and my intent/hope prior to making any recommendations.  Her recommendations were flexible, as she made adjustments as my needs shifted, and attainable.  Jessica was also open to collaborating with other specialists in order to best meet my needs.  She thoughtfully considered options from a variety of perspectives, thinking about my health as whole person. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience." 
"I am a man in my early seventies and have been looking after myself for a good number of years.  Two and a half years ago my routine physical indicated that I was in a pre-diabetic condition with an A1C level of 6.3.  I cut out added sugar from my diet, thinking that was all I needed to do, and six months later my level had dropped to 6.2.  However, six months after that it had risen to 6.4 and it became clear to me that I needed help.  I consulted with Jessica and, following her recommendations, the first thing that I noticed was that over the next few months my weight slowly started to decrease, eventually stabilizing at about 15 pounds lower.  Looking back over the past 18 months my change in diet could essentially be summarized as I went from heating stuff to cooking food.  As a result, my pre-diabetic condition appears to be well under control (at 5.9) and hopefully will stay that way as long as I continue to follow Jessica’s recommendations.  Added benefits have been that I am down to a healthier weight and am also enjoying my food a lot more."
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